Privacy and Data Protection Policy

GL-IMPORTAÇÃO E EXPORTAÇÃO, SA, hereinafter referred to as GL, ensures and safeguards the protection of the personal data of the users of its website. When we process the personal data, we collect during your visit to our website, we strictly adhere to the rules established in Community and Portuguese laws in force. The data collected is only used for the internal processing of information to provide the services advertised and for the continuous improvement of the quality and excellence of the service we provide. We will never publicly disclose information you provide us and will only transfer it to third parties with your prior and express consent.

Visiting our website does not, in itself, imply that data will be collected. However, there is a set of computer data this is collected automatically each time you access our website, which we will describe further below.
The following is a description of the data we collect, how we process it and why it is useful for the services we provide. At the end of the description, you’ll find the rights you are afforded related to accessing, rectifying and erasing your data.

1 - Internet access data;

2 - Consent to use personal data:

2.1 - Contact Form;

3 - Security;

4 - Cookies;

5 - Links to external sites;

6 - Right to access, rectify and erase data;

7 - Acceptance of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

1. Internet access data

When you access our website, a set of computer data is automatically collected and stored temporarily in files on your computer, which are then automatically deleted after a certain period of time. These data are collected purely for technical purposes such as, for example, connection settings, system security, technical network administration and optimisation of our website. The data we are referring to are:

a) The IP address of the requesting computer;

b) Access date and time;

c) Name and URL of the file transferred;

d) Volume of data transferred;

e) Indication of whether the transfer was successful;

f) Identification data of the browser and operating system;

g) Website you used to access our site;

h) Name of your internet service provider.

2. Consent to use personal data

Using some of the services on our website implies that some personal data will be collected and processed in more detail. GL will only use this data when you, as the data subject, have provided it to us and when you give us your consent when providing the information, and it will only be used for the purposes they were collected for.

2.3. Contact form
If you would like to contact GL directly through our website, please fill in the contact form provided. You will be asked to provide some personal information (name and email address). We only collect this data so that we can answer your queries in a personalised manner. The data will not be used for any other purpose. You can also contact GL directly by sending an email to or by using the address indicated in the “Contacts” link.

3. Security
GL has invested in technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data collected against accidental or intentional processing, loss or destruction and against unauthorised access. Our security measures are constantly being improved and are on par with the latest technologies. However, we will not be liable for any acts resulting from criminal or unlawful behaviour. The persons who commit such acts are who should be held responsible.

4. Cookies
Our website may use cookies to control the session in your browser history. They do not store any personal data and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Remember that most internet browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you would like to visit our website without using cookies, you should change your browser settings. However, if you set your browser to reject all cookies, it could affect some of the features of our website.

5. Links to external sites

Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy only applies to our website.
Therefore, GL will not be liable for the content or privacy policy of external websites. The owners of third-party websites are solely responsible for any damage or unlawful processing resulting from the use of such sites.

6. Right to access, rectify and erase data
In accordance with the law, we fully acknowledge your right to access any of your personal data, as well as your right to rectify or erase your data, and to withdraw your consent for the future use of your data.

For more information about your personal data, to rectify or erase your data or should you have any questions relating to how we use the personal data we store, please contact:

2780 -125 OEIRAS
Telephone: 263 857 000

7. Acceptance of our Privacy and Data Protection Policy

By using our website, you tacitly agree to the use of your personal data, as described above.

As our website grows and new technologies are used, we may need to make some changes to our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.
GL reserves the right to amend its Privacy and Data Protection Policy at any time.